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In an atmosphere where you will certainly not forget yourself after the first visit, we offer you a variety of Vietnamese traditional dishes that are fresh, homemade, high quality and the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins from all natural sources prepared and served by our team.

  • Cozy space
  • Delicious and rich food
  • Ensuring health

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Why Us

Why Choose Our Restaurant


Cozy space

Asia Ho brings you a cozy experience with an enthusiastic and friendly service team.


Delicious and rich food

We offer an extensive menu, changing every day with a variety of dishes to suit your taste


Ensuring health

Choosing fresh ingredients together with selected recipes to ensure healthy and nutritious dishes for everyone.


Check Our Specials

Pho Hanoi - Vietnamese rice noodle soup

Pho Bo Hanoi is a hearty soup with rice noodles, beef and herbs, seasoned with cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and roasted ginger.

This is the original recipe as it is still served in Hanoi's street kitchens today. The focus here is on the strong and intense meat flavor of the broth.


The inspiration for today's sushi comes from Southeast Asia. From the method of preserving freshwater fish, the first forms of the now so popular sushi developed over time.

Many of us work up a sweat when using chopsticks to enjoy Sushi. We don't really have to work that hard: Traditionally, chopsticks are used in a sushi bar for sashimi (raw fish in wafer-thin slices), while sushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers.

Specials 2

Ho Beef Steak

Grilled hip steak with asparagus and homemade pepper sauce.

This is one of our dishes which you should try :)

Specials 3


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